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Duncan has worked worked with reptiles for 3 years after completing his studies in small animals at Moulton College. He works at our Milton Keynes branch, take a look at their store's Facebook & Twitter.
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Captive bred Red-Eyed Tree Frogs now in stock!

Now as a keeper with a keen interest in frogs, I reckon these are a fantastic frog to keep. I’ve kept a few frogs in the past but red eyes will out do any frog on looks on any day of the week. Many of you avid frog collectors will know how great these are […]

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Do Iguanas Make Good Pets? Alternatives to Iguanas

Now don’t get me wrong, Iguanas are really cool animals, but you need to know what you’re getting into. They are a lot more specialist compared to something like a bearded dragon. If you have thought about having an Iguana as a pet, there are a few things you definitely need to know. The first […]

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Titanoboa, did it really exist?

Titanoboa was a genus of boa that lived roughly 58-60 million years ago. It was believed to have come into being in a 10 million year period following the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. There is only one known species of the titanoboa (Titanoboa cerrejonensis). It is now the largest snake ever to have lived […]

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Do Orange Spot Agamas Get Enough Credit?

Orange Spot Agamas are such a lovely little lizard, but why don’t they get as much credit as reptiles like Bearded Dragons and Corn Snakes? Well here is my answer. Orange Spot Agamas are a┬árelatively┬ásmall lizard, only reaching a maximum of 8 inches in length and despite their lack of popularity they actually make a […]

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