Captive bred Red-Eyed Tree Frogs now in stock!

Now as a keeper with a keen interest in frogs, I reckon these are a fantastic frog to keep. I’ve kept a few frogs in the past but red eyes will out do any frog on looks on any day of the week.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Many of you avid frog collectors will know how great these are to keep but I will explain some key pointers when it comes to red eyes. The first I’m going to hit is the look of the frogs. Red eyes have to be one of the most vivid frogs in colour in my opinion. They are a bright green colour with orange feet and bright red eyes, but the thing that gets me about these frogs is the markings on their bodies. Along the body starting at the forearms, they have yellow and blue stripes with blue markings along the hind legs which would catch any animal lovers eyes. Males are typically smaller than females, reaching no more than 2.5 inches, whereas females can reach a nice size of 3 inches.

Now these species are very easy to keep. You can have a nice rainforest set-up running that does create quite an atmosphere as all they need is UV lighting and a small source of heat. Many people who keep these amazing frogs love to have running waterfalls, misters and rain systems in with them to create a nice effect not only for the frog but for themselves.

Red Eyes Spawn On A Leaf

Another thing that fascinates me about these frogs is in fact breeding season. Now there has been some research that suggests the males will actually shake the branch that they are perched on in order to increase their chances of finding a female by deterring any approaching males. Once the male has attracted the attention of a female, he will latch on and she will carry him on her back for several hours until his job is done. Now this is the interesting part, unlike ground frogs, many tree frogs including this one will lay her eggs on the underside of a leaf above a small pond. Once the eggs have matured the tadpoles will drop into the pond and begin their new lives!

All in all Red-eyed tree frogs are by far the best looking and all round good frog to keep.

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