Do Orange Spot Agamas Get Enough Credit?

Orange Spot Agamas are such a lovely little lizard, but why don’t they get as much credit as reptiles like Bearded Dragons and Corn Snakes? Well here is my answer.

Orange Spot Agamas are a relatively small lizard, only reaching a maximum of 8 inches in length and despite their lack of popularity they actually make a brilliant little lizard to keep. Starting off as babies they can be quite skittish but over time they can become very tame and will actually accept food from the keepers hand. Unlike Bearded Dragons, who are very tame from birth, you do need to spend a lot of time getting the Agamas used to the idea of being handled. But with plenty of patience and plenty of loving care theses guys do really show the love for their owner. They will live well for up to ten years and within that ten years you will be feeding them mainly live food and a small mix of fresh veg. Although there is one big advantage to keeping these little critters. If you are a fan of a natural looking environment, these guys don’t actually require much water so they do very well on sand.

These lizards are very rarely seen in captivity, not because they are particularly hard to breed but because of the fact that they are most definitely underestimated. They naturally populate the volcanic Transjordanian desert regions of the middle east. This is a pitted area of volcanic rock which is covered with black and orange sand, this explains the choice in colour.

So as a conclusion if you are looking for a fun loving lizard but think Bearded Dragons are way to popular, then the Orange Spot Agamas are the lizard for you!

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