Why Are Corn Snakes So Popular?

Corn Snakes have long been a favourite species among reptile enthusiasts and remain one of the most popularly kept snakes in the hobby. Renowned for their calm, typically non aggressive temperament, as well as being relatively easy to keep, it’s easy to see why this species remains the number 1 choice for new reptile keepers who seek the perfect ‘entry level’ species.

Add to that the ever growing number of exciting new colour morphs coming available and it becomes much more than just an easy beginners snake, it becomes a snake for everyone. Whether you’re a first time reptile keeper looking for a ‘starter snake’ or a life long snake fanatic looking for a fascinating new breeding project, corn snakes have it all.

3 reasons why I recommend Corn Snakes


As far as temperament goes, there aren’t many species that are as calm and non aggressive as a Corn Snake. Provided they are handled regularly and fed correctly, a Corn Snake will quickly become tame enough for even the most nervous amateur to handle with confidence.

Easy To Keep

Corn Snakes are without doubt one of the easiest reptiles to keep. They demand relatively little in terms of environmental requirements compared with many other reptiles and their general husbandry is fairly basic and non time consuming. Their adult size is around 4 – 5 ft in length so they’re a fairly small snake, making them easy to house and easy to handle.

Colour Morphs

Without doubt, Corn Snakes are one of the most variable species of snake in the hobby with new captive produced genetic morphs appearing all the time. This makes them an exciting breeding project for the more ambitious hobbyist and offers a great choice for those looking to acquire an attractive looking new snake.


About Andrew Curry

Andrew used to be the manager of the Milton Keynes Realm of Reptiles store. He keeps many different reptiles at home but has a specialist interest in milk snakes and amphibians.

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